Monday, December 6, 2010

nu-blu-shoe vs. cars in a blanket

took my new old stock van for a ride around the hood, roll'n with clunky brake old rusty gas old crackle tires and not a single working gauge~ yeah
parked up hill to pop off the air bubbles

i like to roll with one wiper blade~ i wouldn't let anyone drive with me, like a true test pilot, i didn't expect to get far

the grills need a tune up~ i like the no-bumper look

horrid rims and missing lens~ love it

back window smashed out replaced with cardboard

convertible top


pink canvas tarp cozy

hidden Citron

love the caravan remodel wrecked

and ohfff. . . what a brute of a front end

a well worn ford survivor

love the droopy ass sway back~ and look at those dog bowls

way too cute for the street, hey, how about a little carport

happy face rear end great stamped out JEEP

makes me want to go on a picnic with puppies and sensible gals in slacks~
NE!L~ looking for a meal !!