Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ford flatfaced monsters

these old guys, have a scrap iron shop, or at least they pretend to, and they collect the greatest old work trucks, ever
early 1960's Ford's~ this guy must own them all, and has, hands down the greatest parts truck collection in the west

and he still uses one of them, to haul, break, destroy, and terrorize

iron, brass, aluminium, steel

a harvest of patina

this is where they live

wonderful, wicked Georgetown landmarks

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

black rock city 2

Dutch and Kent gave this sweet ass sunwagon to Mee-Mee to give to me and i love it, i won't even let the kids hold it
air-cooled and orange


motor-bike up on the bumper, like a chocolate

some kids lowered this ride, with shoes, and gravity

look at the thumb wear, so many little hands holding it, since 1981~
i'm old enough to have played with it !

almost crashed the first time i saw this really roll caged van, couldn't stop that time, and thought i'd lose it, to the desert~ the burning~ and the white ghost creating dust

somebody welded a hella lotta metal onto this one, and a huge roof platform too
i love the mystery involved here, what are they going to do with this thing, parades ? rollover contest? spaceship taunting?
but i will never go to find out~

the hook is the greatest part, wish it were bigger though
going to catch some drugs and freaks and both~

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

little man in the canoe

changing all my collapsed vacuum hose and what's this little plug doing in one of the lines
looks like a tiny nozzle of some sort ? any one have an idea~

could this little brass clit have been causing my mysterious morning marine layer failure~ (MMMLF)

doubt it but now at least i have all new vacuum line, the old ones were all original, and if not flat, glass brittle~ easy job~
now for a test drive

Sunday, August 8, 2010

black rock city

the end of the month is almost here, the end of summer and all the burners will be getting their rigs together for the playa, this is my fav of the horde

someone sideswiped the hell outta this live in

i've been trying like heck and high water to capture the shear beauty and disposable charms of this car and driver~
not today unfortunately, you see~the fucker inside woke up the minute i started snapping shots, like he has extrasensory perception~ sat right up and looked at me and kicked the door open,
and some drunk shitheads crashed in his front porch
now it's all crump and wrinked
and awake !!!!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

the 1970's speak in metal

today is all about the early seventies, this aqua colored ford PU was parked over at Lowe's and i couldn't get a lot of pictures, some kid sitting in the middle kept staring at me~

then i tried capturing this little primer honey, when the pit bull on the front seat went ape shit~
Coronet 440, 1970 ?
this puppy was parked in the rain while the owner went to buy a half rack, came out and told me his whole muscle car life story

a beaut~ huh ?

long life the seventies~ shit yeah~

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

what i thought

i saw this little shit parked in the alley behind Tacoma Screw, Georgetown, i thought it was a Rambler or some such
turned out to be Mercedes station wagon, and you know i love station wagons, love the subtle fins, and the blackberries growing in the hole where the grill had been~ during European reconstruction
now, what about American reconstruction, politicians !
P.S. Tacoma screw ?