Thursday, September 17, 2009

Doug's ride

Doug is driving this little honey dew around Santa Cruz right now- and i am so jealous- i can see it all now, the card games- chess- checking every surf spot for twenty miles around and doing it all in perfect vintage Volkswagen
living the life - in a t-shirt no less- while here in PNW it's hoody and downy time already-

this is a just about the greatest pix ever - representing all that a life should be, kickin' at night at some secret squirrel lay up- head high fire and the van/ with the slider kicked open- noodle armed zoning- staring at the flames- the heat sinking into the bones of your face- listening to the sounds on huge fucking bombs destroy the coast

nice shot of grass- custom paint- safari- what year is this little Baywindow ? Mexico too !

modified kitchenette/wetsuit drying/ dirt road flying

the fish eye lens is the greatest invention- everything looks better bent up and around-

dawn patrol evacuations ? ditching the gang for a secret rendezvous- with coffee- pie and icy cold paddle outs

again with the life- just to show- that yes - it can be accomplished- there is something so soulfully romantic and noble in the simplest act of living in a van- just because you can- slowly sitting on coast lines, bumping into friends at lookouts- squinting eyed mornings and devastatingly long nights-
or a weekend escape-
me- i gotta go to work-
thanks Doug- great photos, and a wonderful van- can you post a comment and fill in the details of the engine/ year and such-

Monday, September 14, 2009

me wandering around

this will be my next van- love this freaking brown shit stain

this guy drove passed me as my family explored the zoo- i don't go to zoos- so i wonder around taking pictures of vans and cars and going through free piles- for books and dead guy shirts

this is van street -apparently

a hidden artistically painted little bay

i don't usually like these kinds of fancy pantsy rods- but this thing has the sweetest flat head V-8- not to mention the hidden rumble seat

and i hate chopped top rides

but look how mint that engine is- with air cooled oil filter housing/ wild headers -every thing out in the open and perfect

my 51' ford club coupe had the exact engine- man i wish i still had that car- i really fucked up

Monday, September 7, 2009

toy cars and vans

this wooden cut out car is just wonderful- i found it in Dashiel's train box- just to love it- great color-great worn patina
toy trail van

little red truck or trailer puller

clean-coupe lines- great cut out bumpers

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

double cab cutie

this fine lady is parked over by Jake's old crappy middle school- Meany- now gone-
i love the Howl bumper sticker- i've seen the best vans of my grandpa's generation run wild into empty fields parking lots alley ways covered with tarps and used as scrap-
i like the off color replacement door- it's like a car bikini

parked beside the white artichokes glistening with rain water- WCW

very sexy profile- makes me wanna get laid while listening to Deja vous-
Almost cut my hair- is just the best song on the whole LP if you like the stinky hippie music forty years old and relentlessly played like propaganda-