Friday, October 29, 2010

this one goes out to Respect the Panda

i slammed on the brakes~ slide to a stop pull hard on the e-brake and jump out~ to run to this beautiful pile of shit, rust and chairs
my neighbour who inhabits a million dollars worth of house, land and view, but fills the yard with vintage Mercury Comets and fords, Willy's and VW's, has apparently gone plum crazy and thrown some stuff out~ holy crap

front fender with gas cap ? vw ? corvair ? i almost took this piece home~ almost

rusty things at the curb~ under autumn trees and carpeted yellow, green and red makes my heart flutter and fade~ all i've ever wanted to do was drive without direction forever~

i took these two huge candle holders home~ they are so utterly brilliant
NE!L~ behind the wheel

Thursday, October 28, 2010

really sluggy buggy

i walked up to the library in the rain and this is what i saw, i thought this was a Halloween truck at first, so i crossed the street to check it~
nice paintings

don't know what this little cubic hut would have been built for, you couldn't sleep back there~ tools ?

coming back from the library this little sweetie blue VW bug, just popped out at me, so dusty blue and quite well cared for with new plates

but then i notice the canted parking job

the parked in a field black pollution streaks

the crunched up rear fender

and somebody takes playing slug bug/ punch buggy way too far and way too serious

i don't know what it is about this little car but i couldn't stop staring at it~
when we were kids we used to race these out on the frozen lake

1985 parked on my street in fascist colors~ brand new burly bumpers and sticky lettering

if the dirty label residue of John's business failings can be cleaned off this paint job would look crazy hot

i love this van, and. . . and. . . black interior. never saw that before~ or did i just imagine that ~

Sunday, October 24, 2010

green truck/ green single cab VW splitty

this old boy lives behind my breakfast place, Kona Kitchen, the old guy who owns this cutie is quite the craftsmen, his house is really fine, old and hidden behind old roses
but the camper he built for the old pick-up is just perfect, flawless even ~ look at that little peek-a-boo roundie above the cab~ just great~ right ?

like a port- hole

the truck is in great shape too, not my style really but love the oxidized green, on black bumpers and trim

ingenious use of steel corrugated roofing~ so good in fact that if i ever own a truck again, i'm building one just like this~ so i too, can sit out on the beach with the sounds of rain clatter

then i saw this little puppy parked and had to come around the block only to find it's lines ruined with huge thing wrapped in brown tarp in the back

love the single cab VW trucks, a completely useless van, but such a funny great looking splitty

ruined silhouette

too bad about the crappy chrome name plate repro

cute little rear end~ green cars rule !

Saturday, October 23, 2010

caprice on fire

these poor bastards have had the worst week, ever in car history
i've been watching their progress all week, first they had a flat tire, and then no spare tire, and the car was hanging suspended on a tiny cheap maxed out jack, no stands but a log, for days, then the new town home neighbors called parking enforcement and the car was orange impound tagged, they found a spare, slapped it on and. . .

then~ they some how set the engine on fire and there she sits like a piece O'

exceptionally bad luck~ so sad
some people just have this kind of car karma~

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a constant velocity

cv joints on the kitchen table

such a great vw painting

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

what a surfer drives

i haven't had a pick up in a solid year~ i only have vans now but man, take a look at this sweet ride from the late sixties or early seventies, this is the truck i learned to drive in, man i loved that truck, my dad had side pipes on it and a husky hood ornament, us kids used to ride in the back and scream with long brown hair whipping in the wind
this particular truck has the greatest original paint job ever, i love everything about it, the color the flecks of rust the fade, the wear~ it's all so legitimate

this my brother is a real truck~

Saturday, October 9, 2010

1969 Dodge A100 family wagon 318 V8

i have seen this van for sale two or three times in the last three years, i keep calling about it, and no one ever returns my calls, so i figure they don't really want to sell it~ the last time i posted it on this here little site, the asking price was a wee high~ this time~ who knows how much their asking~ you try calling~ missing wheel covers and painty fade
wrinkle free, can't see any rust, full kitchen with head room and sky lights

they did their homework~

you can call~ i'm done with them~ and i might have a few too many family vans, eh ?

there's something so soothing and old fashioned about a split window

can you see the dashboard mounted slapstick shifter behind the rain and heavy breathing~
MOPAR magic really only happened in the sixties

i like the idea of 318 cubic inch engines sitting in your living room, rumbling with fireplace warmth and glow, kick your feet up and stare at stars through the roof glass or watch the snow fall from culvert ditch sideways slides

i'd like to hire a maid to live within fiberglass hi-tops, to clean and cook and iron my boxers, a small women blessed with efficiency, with hair grey, in pearl white and sea foam blue uniform swaying into hair-pin turns as i scream, hold on, and spin wheels while she, frowns and makes me huckleberry pancakes and bacon
deep from in logging roads toward futures unmilaged