Friday, November 23, 2012

flat brown Birdy '77

Birdy ~ Free !!!

watching the cities burn from steel rooftops

total freedom living room
bikes over vans 4ever !

we can all win !!! all be free !!

steel grill Chevy's modified iron cross

love the fuck outta flat brown panel vans

louvered back windows boy skout creep'n

holes in the roof !!

fix'n on Thnxgivin'

Go Birdy Go ~  NE!L~  free 4 ever ATW

Saturday, July 21, 2012

30 years separate these cars

Paul and i found this 1929Ford parked in the sleaziest of hotels around the corner from his house

i don't usually go for photos of this type of fancy show hype

guys living in RV in hotel parking lots and vintage cars don't merge

but i see a rumble seat and i melt into nostalgia ~ other peoples nostalgia

i hate red cars~ but a little red Alpha Romeo will stop anyone from walking by
especially if it's 1962 and very clean

objects i would never own look perfect in parking lots beside summer

very racy and very sporty ~ thirty long years and two large wars separate these 2 autos ~so very wondrous


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chrysler Imperial 1963

 the only automobile found guilty of murder !  the Chrysler  Imperial four-door hardtop
 Banned in all fifty states ~ in any and all regional  V-8 demolition derby's ~ OUTLAWED !
 the axle crushing front end capable of destroying GMC dreams ~ heinously fucking up Ford's future plans~ the behemoth~ the dreadnaught~
 look out ! look out !  i can see the school children scrambling as grandma can barely contain this road boat~ no ! this road freighter~ drifting across double yellows ~thru wet summer lawns
 the word imperial imprinted upon squirrels, cats, dogs, possums, racoons and pedestrian alike unsegregated mayhem death and vehicular manslaughter
 i could fall off of cliffs within your powdery blue disasters love
 now looky at that fantastic script font~ wow
 a cannon barrel pointed at all of us losers~ in flame~ dropped along the road side ruin~
 the nickel chrome majestic wing spread eagles scream~  MOPAR !!! or no car !
 look at all that trunk acreage !
Oh, and this is where i am moving~ Surprise honey ! it's a Mini Winni !


Saturday, May 26, 2012

is there anything more bitch'n that a black 50's ford pick-up ? BLACK !

black and shinning with stock dog bowls

fat fenders flat windshield~ did i say black ?

love the narrow cab tall mirrors and lots of black

like goth/noir/westerns waiting to be written~ lived ~ stabbed /shot ~ exploded

Monday, May 14, 2012

Valiant Signet

 2 door hard top white and so simply perfect
i just wanna drive my grandma to the grocery store with her beside me~ screaming directions in my ear from across slide-y front bench seats~ in spanish ~ dressed in black ~ driving in chrome~


bluestar 1987 Vanagon in Orly blue

 if all of you mad crazed vanatics had seen this beauty driving around rummage sales on Saturday afternoons ~ you'd have professed lavish devotion and everlasting love
 and the driver was gorgeous too~ but look at all of this amazing 2 ND owner daily driver
 i wanted to buy yet another van ~ right there on the spot
 and a little moon roof ~ so adorable ~
 love it
 love it
love it~

you'll have to face it~ i am in love with another vanagon


Sunday, April 29, 2012

ford econoline super van

ford econoline super-van in white with blue flash

plus~ added graffiti

lots and lots of graffiti

bad tags and parking tickets ~ throw up

w/ slots !!!

somebody please get this pup-pup off the streets~

this momma needs a yard the doors thrown wide and a couple of skinny girls smoking bowls with their bathing suits pressed against the dog house

i wondered why the ass was so saggy and then i peeked into the back expecting to see street gypsy~ porn~ but all i saw was a motorcycle~ of course !
NE!L~ parked in the field !