Tuesday, June 30, 2009

picking orange

just a fabulous color don't you think ? this top heavy shitpig is parked up at that weird gas station garage on capital hill, Hilltop, i believe it's called, really charming
it has Mercedes hubcaps and tags and looks to be hooked up into an RV, apparently their not racing across Oregon, like the decal claims, do you think they travel with the matching safety cones ?
orange you glad i saw this-
for Brain Early the king of orange

Monday, June 29, 2009

how to - be crazy

The famous El Mutante sent me these photos from his vast archive of crazy- apparently crazy people don't just end up living in vans through desperation or drug abusive- they plan it and buy books, about living in vans, what's next a how to- destroy your liver- how to- tweak from the front seat-
this fold away bed can also be used for- CRAZY

speechless !

Amazed !

minibago - $1500 (friday harbor)
Reply to: mailto:sale-uxjbd-1240786164@craigslist.org?subject=minibago%20-%20%241500%20(friday%20harbor) [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-26, 10:10AM PDT
Posting this once more. Had numerous calls but no real follow thru..so Here is an obscure VW powered camper called a Minibago. It has a duel carbed 1600 in it, that runs ok. This thing is pretty cool all the way around but does need a restoration. Solid candidate for that...Not much rust to speak of, some mostly surface. Pan solid. This thing is not really drivable as it is and would need to be towed or hauled from Friday harbor. I have more pix if interested. This needs to find a home to settle an estate. This vehicle was a kit you could buy in the 70's., and there simply arent many of them around. Great for advertisment, or small family camping or just parking it on your front lawn and marveling at its excellence!...anyway...there ya go...1500$ OBO
Location: friday harbor
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Vanderpooch over at the Samba posted this link and man my head hurts just looking at this thing-

holy crap- pulling into a gas station would be like a circus- all the kids and nuts of the whole world would come running- wow- this is wonderful
i need a whole lotta land and money to park vehicles on- this freaking life is a museum

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

vehicles at la push

Toby and Suzane roll up from santa cruz in this honey of a low profile toyota, and get la push at it's absolute greatest for weeks on end, camped in the log jam- living the good life- tarp-tent-late night fire- dawn coffee brewing-friends dropping by-hot dog sticks- and sunshine-stir fry and tea
love it- just don't know if i could fit, on the bunk bed-i'm way to long,

check out how efficient they pack this thing- jesus- they can live indefinitely out here- solar shower- i love the solar shower- if your planning on becoming a car bum- buy a toyota

Hot Mike and his lovely lady Emma crashed this pimped out Carat Vanagon in my face- to make me cry because i had to leave my brown baby home- they live on the green, not in the van

if you had to live in a vanagon- you couldn't even afford to be a bum-
nice profile- lowered, with large wheels, and no, he didn't add five antennae, to pick up celly signal- can you believe there is still no phone service out here

they're so cute- you should have seen them wrestling to get to the roof, Mike's van makes me want to buy a Carat- tint out the windows and drop a subie engine- ah- if only i had a job- some cash- or mechanical skill

Friday, June 19, 2009

my van is going to explode and kill the world

my van stuffed into my driveway at twilight

so i read the Samba nightly- to find out all the things i should be doing to keep my 85 vanagon westy alive and running smooth- and now after months of coursing my way through all of these threads, apparently i've been doing nothing to save my van-

here's my list-

i have never used the correct oil- it seems they've changed the formula of motor oil and we all need to add zndp or some such additive

i have been using the wrong oil filters-we need Mahl with back flow protection to prevent dry starts- and i have never pre-loaded my wrong oil filters either

i'm supposed to have flushed and changed out the coolant every two years- i am now six years behind

have never changed my t-stat

have never bleed and changed my brake fluid, vanagon's are supposed to be changed bi-yearly

i haven't even looked at my brakes

i still have three original tires

i have new fuel lines, but sadly somebody replaced all the clamps incorrectly

wrong air filter, mines all squished up

i have had the wrong distributor cap for months if not years- which may have caused my morning sickness

original shocks, and they feel it
my windshield is cracked in four places and so foggy now, thank you very much Port Angeles kids, with rocks and alcohol stupidity
i still have original head lights without relay, thus making night driving impossible
have never had a working horn, now i just press it and smile, look at the clouds, play with the original radio with only one original working 4" speaker

on the plus side of this equation of neglect the van is really stock and in really clean original condition minus the rear bumper where i found a hidden telephone pole

there, i have confessed my auto-sins- is it too late to begin maintenance or should i just drive it off a cliff. . .

or await the inevitable fuel line explosion, brake failure, coolant rupture, four simultaneous highway speed blowouts, squirrel roll seizure to sudden death ending

Thursday, June 18, 2009

le car fatale'

i think someone either dug this car up or pulled it out of the lake, what a beautiful patina of mold and lichen and moss, great canvas sun roof-

at my feet there was a sign that said free- i jumped in and tried to start it, it fired right up and i drove it home- i'm going cruiz'n down Broadway tonight


what a great prop for a post apocalyptic world, who's shooting a film, any super models around, anyone making a 1980's new wave drama- a french sci-fi noir love story-a ghetto foreclosure documentary-i could go on all day-

oh, look the city red tagged it- going to the crusher, not the car show !

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

band van econoline

man, look at this van, if i had a band, i'd buy this behemoth, so burly and long, so hardcore, with double rocket boxes, how fucked is that, how much gear does a three piece homocore band need ? this beauty is just full to the window lines with crap- a busy working man or girl rolls this thing down the dry dusty streets, looking for work- shade
some kind of wonderful Mopar(chrysler-plymouth-dodge) a valiant ? what attracted me was the original 63' plates, how the heck is that for stock original and well preserved, look at the paint,the patina, the left hand hold spot on the trunk, so sick, i'm crying

buried in the garden, down off eastlake, so gorgeous i wish it was parked different so i could see the nose and grill- but all in all-WOW
on a brighter note, my Westy, the famous brown pelican, is running at peak performance, and i'd like to say i fixed it but, i don't even know what was wrong with it-
i re-did all the grounds, cleaned, dielectric paste and new connectors, new cap and rotor, spider grounded the whole engine, replaced the crankcase breather line, the old one on mine was all rotten and someone had stuck a smaller hose inside of it, neither of which worked, coincidental the Samba has had a huge discussion of this part and it's failure, starting at the vacuum tower, breather, can't recall the true names, and it's still open to debate as to whether this can be the cause of rough idle- so maybe i have fixed my problem after all- we shall see, found a spare brain, ecu, which my wife is knitting me a braincozy- for -Neilwaukee out.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mombasha ! that's my home town

Reply to: mailto:sale-vtcda-1223821892@craigslist.org?subject=1961%20Corvair%20panel%20van%20-%20%24450%20(Yonkers) [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-16, 2:34AM EDT
1961 Corvair fire-police truck used by the Mombasha fire department of Monroe New York. Panel van with added rear side windows. Six cylinder 80hp engine with manual 3spd transmission. Holes in roof from lights and sirens caused front door sills to rust away. Starts, runs, and stops, but no papers. Cell # 914.329.7586 Noon - 11PM.
Location: Yonkers
my roving reporter on the east coast and pit crew boss, El Mutante- sent me this listing, because i don't use Crazedlist to find vans-
this freaking van used to cruise up and down Cedar Cliff rd. where all of our high school friends lived and we all crashed our bikes and parents stolen cars-
very epic cool van- what a great show van that would make, at the parade, at Rhinebeck, even Hershy- no papers though, now if only i was made of money
and it still runs and stops for christs sake
someone should drive if right off of Cedar cliff and out into said- Mombasha lake-
on a side note the back road from there to Orange turnpike used to be called Hell- the road was covered with red house paint graffiti and junked out washers and dryers, hot water heaters and mysterious cars would lay up down that road, barely pulled off the hardscrabble, engines running-
i wish NY state let people keep the old plates- that car would look great with the old orange slabs

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Dashiell and I went to a meet up group, pow-wow today, down at the south end of lake union, on the good ship Virginia V, where the Talking Westies all drove down to talk and have a little pot-luck, i made a pie and Dash dropped his juice all down the stairs.

i had no idea we had so many Westies in town, so great to see 'em all in one spot

a nice very neat Subaru engine drop, very nice

this is the van i came to see, the sister van to mine, that's me parked with it's hidden shame of a pop-top closed, our two vans are exactly the same, both '85, both weekenders, same interior, crazy, he surf's Westport- we surf La Push

new pop-top canvas, now i really need the same, he did a really nice install, huh ? forest green.
sweet air cooled

so many vans
that's me on the left and my van's double on the right with pop popped
thanks everyone for having us and hosting a bunch of maniacs.

Friday, June 12, 2009

studebaker and comet

all the old family named and cumbersome car company names are dead this is a prime example, a very well preserved Studebaker, really quite beautiful, not huge like the cars from the late 50's and forties, there was a time right after the war, the big war, when all the car companies made these fairly medium sized beauties

nice grill, simple and still shinning

really a wonderful profile, looks like a daily driver, well maybe just a driver, but still, pretty good, love the teal color, pinstripe white walls and hubcaps, not to gaudy, yeap, too bad it's a fourdoor, someone would have chopped it and made a rat rod out of it by now

and talk about preserved, this fucking station wagon is perfect- the paint still looks new, original hubcaps, funny tin corrugated splash protector on rear panels, sweat color, a great family car, what is it a 63- 64, they made these cars in South America clear up to the eighties

just look how clean this peach is, man, now i want a falcon station wagon, i'll sleep in the back while your momma drives me to the beach, no a.c. no fm radio, no power nothing, the problem with automobile companies is that they stopped naming their vehicles after animals and birds, the army and navy never did, and they have plenty of money-
mine !

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

almost the exact splitty, how can it be ?

this guy is apparently fording rivers and running cataracts, all in Madison valley, so rich and so adventurous maybe chasing down gazelles, and wearing jodhpurs, reading Hemingway

this rig is parked down the street from me, not an outstanding car, but man, just untouched, and original, right down to the paint wheel covers and so complete- remember how we'd walk around and say, too bad it's a fourdoor- classic

really clean pure lines on this little one, i like the grill and the headlights, lovely, something a mom could drive, hopped up on vicadin, and smoking, virgina slims crying behind sunglasses, reaching her right arm back to wave it around smacking any kid too slow to duck

this, very similar splitty to yesterday's splitty, is a bit rougher, a tad rustier, and not running, i don't think, no oil cooler, still gorgeous though, still want one, that's me, mr. reality

parked down by bikini beach, where i've found some cool hidden micro-beaches

you can eyeball the rust from this angle, i think i like the badge better than the spare tire mount minus spare tire, someone stole both ? i guess
the one great thing about the North West is the amount of old cars, i spotted all these, yesterday, on a two hour hike, there used to be many more oldies, before everyone here in town got real jobs and found cash, and thought they needed a new car like underwear.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

check out this link


just click this link if you really want to see some old car, beauty- i could cry

splitty and junkers

this little gem parked over on Marion, is just too cute for words,

don't cha just love the completely useless pop top, what ? do you stand there naked ?
this is my next van- no doubt.

little cutie huh ? and parked on the street, nice paint and man, what a Citroen

the people who live here liken themselves to Gaudi or the Watts tower guy, with the broken pottery wall and motorcycle art and hub caps. this place has been like this forever

garage roof top- pretty cool art and creativity

and the fleet of cars and truck that have been parked here on the street, in the same spot for decades

i can't believe there driven, i've never seen them out or away, and i wonder what possess people to horde vehicles that are not vehicles any longer, these relics can't be driven, they have no functional garage, why keep them ? why not sell them ? someone would fix them up or scrap them.

maybe these street pieces exist solely to remind us of all that we have lost, all the beauty and excesses our country has burned through
or maybe, simple to give me something to do, as i aimlessly hike these streets
with out this, this make believe city hasn't much to offer- sterile and dead mostly.