Saturday, December 26, 2009

message intercept

Zoltan, How nice of you to remember me. Thank you, yes all is well with me.Merry Christmas and I hope your sons are doing well! My westy is running great. Glad I had you do the fuel lines & radiator.It was a good investment. I got tired of trying to find a safe place to park at night in Seattle andsleep in the van, so I moved to Wenatchee (Central Washington).Starting to teach at the community college here in Wenatchee and I've beenteaching art at Bellevue Collge since summer. -Lance

Saturday, December 19, 2009

original owner vanagon

red white and blue valve caps~

i was on the phone with Toby when i saw this van, started taking pictures , and was totally busted by this little old lady/ teacher type patriotic stormtrooper

mint condition with crazy decal pinstripe with stars, original owner~damn

nice one, as i was talking to her she kept backing away getting in the van and leaving~leaving me on the tarmac talking about vans and frightening people trying to shop and drive things non photogenic

this is her escaping while i set the camera to macro~ fucking it up

Sunday, December 13, 2009

the sea captain's house

a Willy's jeep truck ! in sun bleached pink parked on the street~ well MLK way~

moon roof / french louvred tail gate / trailer hitch

supercharged blower ?

parked in front of the most amazing home in Seattle~ over grown garden wild trees, weird crazed additions / widows walk / captain's wheel house and motorcycle bolted to the front porch racing up~ defying gravity forever

new tires squeegee tint sitting on blocks

cuckoo ~ i really want to go on the tour of crappy + wonderful homes in Seattle
who's driving ?
maybe the guy across the street in photo number one can pick us up / drop us off / low rates

Saturday, December 12, 2009

how to make your car worthless/ but not to me

pretend your from some weird dorked out future where robots drive family sedans with too many stickers
bolt a bunch of shit you found down in the industrial part of town, to the hood doors trunk

find some black flat spray paint~ it's the details that bring the whole project together

is that really a jet engine exhaust ?

stand back and admire your work and say~ fuck yeah~ watch your girlfriend run away~couch surf until your forty~ then man up and buy a van~ start over with a larger palate~ more freedom~ who cares what society says about automobile ownership and reverence
deface ~destroy ~defame~ everything we are Americans
those people you see in the malls and on TV shows their not Americans they smell too nice their cloths fit them, without holes and dust, they have nice shiny things and teeth
they don't do things to cars~ not like this~
they will never be anything but~ filler