Monday, August 31, 2009

putting on a show

the show has been hung and is now awaiting paparazzi- super models, bums, kids and queens

you can see the work best from outside- you should drink some coffee and stand in the street- that's where i'll be

don't know if i like this sunshiny kinda thing going on- i think i usually show in the winter when the sun is a dead blob and barely crawls over the grass

see you all Wednesday from 6:00 to 6:15 for a very quick reception
thank you Boatgirl (Kelly) for the excellent assistance, guidance and supplies-
and of coarse thank you very much Dani-


the gtx old people never called so i guess the car isn't for sale- but uncle Mutante sent these
craig's listed race car photos of a sweet gtx race car- with a horrible paint/decal job
i love the balanced hood on the cab and the fine layer of dust- a race car should never be dusty

it should be blown up-on fire or crashed into a pillar, smokin' it's tires - flipped in a field with wheels slowly spinning- cop cars- helicopters and fire trucks- the 1970's killed the big three !

Datsun 1600

when i first moved to Seattle- i got a job house painting with Gino Holmes, who in a full body cast, lived in a Datsun 1500 station wagon- i don't know how- he was a huge farm boy from Kansas- six and half feet tall, 250 lbs easy- he lived behind this bar on Queen Anne hill- drank, smoked and played the pony's
did i mention the fact that he some how lived in a Datsun 1500 station wagon- this is the tiny truck version on Gino's house-
this rig is fairly well preserved-
there used to be a joke that ended with the line
you want it -datsoon- a car joke, more than likely goofing on Japanese auto's, i don't know of any car jokes do you ?
wait, i think there's a shit load of Volkswagen jokes floating around-

Monday, August 24, 2009

funny cars and youth

when i was a kid i loved drawing funny cars and dragsters-

but hated them in toy form- hated most cars that were not stock-couldn't stand the giant engines and huge headers and pipes- the very reason Hot Wheels blew Matchbox out of the water in the toy car market

funny kid- he lives inside of me-still- because i love stock original cars-
toys and out on the streets

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Black Jaguar

a street black Jaguar- but damn- why isn't the top down-
parked over in front of Seattle Universities gym- have never been a huge British auto fan but this thing really is outstanding and someone really drives it around- check out the Seattle dork on a scooter- ruining my shot-i should have cloths lined 'em

love the red line rubber- so very black- if i were a goth guy- in skin tight plastic pants and mesh tank tops with leather Nazi jackets and eye liner i'd drive this thing into Ronald Reagan's mausoleum and blow the shit up, with sisters of mercy blasting on the stereo
why Reagan ? i have no idea- seems like he wouldn't like goth people much or British auto's-

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

just worng

i took these photos with my celly so they look a little washy but a great combo huh, some heshers idea of a funny paint job or band name against a really great kids painting i witnessed on the wall at Seattle's DPD, i love this painting- almost stole it but for all the eyes, and no, there was no candy in that van

and yeah, wrong is spelled incorrectly on purpose, thnx.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


i was taking my van out for some air- looking for yard sales and a cliff to drive off- when down by lake Washington i ran into this little honey-

really a sweet truck- huh ? man- reminds me of ratpatrol or desert storm- if the Germans had decided to invade Baghdad

love the color! the rims !the front grill- everything- yet another vehicle to add to the huge collection i would have if- if i had a dime to spend on such frivolities-
i can barely keep my westy on the road- nice ride stranger- does she have a name- ?
like dusty ?
because i'm in love

Thursday, August 13, 2009

cub reporter El Mutante

cub reporter El Mutante went to a car show somewhere and filled this photo gallery, no verbage but nice pix thanks buddy- have fun at the beach- buy a new car the recession is over !

this is my dream car, though not my dream color, a 66-67 dodge charger- look at that fast back-wow-

Hemi !

Saturday, August 8, 2009

GTX original !

i've walked passed this house a million times- and i would have sworn that there wasn't a garbage bag covered Mopar here- but today while hiking all over Leashii searching for this mystical multi-family block long yard sale i spotted this freaking un-molested untouched- original stock muscle car-
bricks and plastic stuffed into the intake- Hemi ? what is this thirty grand ?

all straight- little clustered islands of rust- but man original paint !

two door hard top front buckets !
and loook fat street racing slick mags- oldies with air still

look at the old Goodyear's and smoothie- shit i want this car-
i had a '72 satellite just like this- but this beaast is the GTX Holy crap

i left my name and number on the front door- i knocked and rang the bell two really old people live here, nobody answered the door- in my imagination their son parked his race car here, robbed a bank, killed a man and has been sitting in jail since '79- now his folks should sell it to me for like- i don't know a buck fifty

the hood is on four quick pins the color is teal blue green lovely- i want it

i'll grow a mullet and a stash listen to Zep and put my arm around you baby slap in the 8-track and push you against seats with crazy accelerations punch, spill your road coke all over your face and down your tube top. . .

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

crashed vanagon

yes, i crashed the front end of my van into the rear end of a truck

isn't that some nice body work i did

damn, now i need a brown parts van, anyone ?

sweet summer convertible- Ford- i love those peek-a-boo fold away headlight

so very nice and clean and-again- on the street

what is this ride a '69 Galaxie ? Fairlane ? LTD ?

super cutie single cab vw syncro love this thing

so useless as a van and a very silly truck

do you really need all wheel drive ?

but who really cares when it's so straight and polished and wonderfully blue bird

the demolition derby dreaded beast

Chrysler Newport's, imperials and 300's just eat the competition at the big V-8 demolition derby's

being a convertible this horror has been spared the carnage

on the east coast these cars are illegal and forbidden to race- they've killed people- ripped cars in half and have torn through the bleachers to run mad along the county fair arcade-

nobody was hurt in my newest accident and we all drove away and you know my belief-
that you must have many small harmless crashes or you tempt the fates into giving you huge wrecks, and the kids were away too, lucky

Monday, August 3, 2009

me-my van and La Push alone

here we are laid up in the old sand bowl which is now a mud bowl, going to the beach for 4 days alone gets kind of depressing- and the dogs don't help because all they do is bite people and make me beat them publicly- but i got to surf a lot and finish two books and draw forty new water color paintings from the proposed One Million Show
Rocky's buddy Dan pulled up Saturday with his new old stock 84 vanagon with cabinets and bed-his girl and her lovely pup-pup

vw's tucked under the marine layer-
and hey everyone- i think we have a new roving reporter-
JT from LA says he'll be sending up some pix thanks Jay look forward to seeing your new work