Monday, December 6, 2010

nu-blu-shoe vs. cars in a blanket

took my new old stock van for a ride around the hood, roll'n with clunky brake old rusty gas old crackle tires and not a single working gauge~ yeah
parked up hill to pop off the air bubbles

i like to roll with one wiper blade~ i wouldn't let anyone drive with me, like a true test pilot, i didn't expect to get far

the grills need a tune up~ i like the no-bumper look

horrid rims and missing lens~ love it

back window smashed out replaced with cardboard

convertible top


pink canvas tarp cozy

hidden Citron

love the caravan remodel wrecked

and ohfff. . . what a brute of a front end

a well worn ford survivor

love the droopy ass sway back~ and look at those dog bowls

way too cute for the street, hey, how about a little carport

happy face rear end great stamped out JEEP

makes me want to go on a picnic with puppies and sensible gals in slacks~
NE!L~ looking for a meal !!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

snow makes even the shittiest cars pretty

the snow makes the shittiest cars pretty~ even the horrid Lumina
the trunkless caddy ?

Sean's mighty Subaru makes it to the haven of our home- trapped on the hill

Bronzed Comet

crips work truck

someone in my town went out and got themselves a little project

a pinkish/white Ford

1956 was a great year for cars, not my kinda year, much too flashy, but not quite '57 flashy

i like these lines and the chrome and trim removed stage, simple, no hood clean, drive it !!!

NE!L~ without snow tires

Monday, November 22, 2010

my affliction is stupid german vans with tiny engines

towed the rusty stormtrooper out of the way
so the town home owners can see my side of crazy x 3

if you don't know me~ let me tell you my darkest secret, i bought a parts van for my parts van and now~

the future as seen from the plastic wheel covers of 1985~

after i kicked my own ass around the block and back, for not buying that little tan shorty, i crawled under my '85 and finished putting all those stupid bolts back into the CV joints and stopped the van from exploding every ten minutes with fuel fire flash and topped it off with coolant and called Mike to bitch about vanagons and here's what it sounds like~

Saturday, November 13, 2010

some new and some old

this is a great photo of a great car, that i owned when i was a knucklehead, my 1951 Ford club coupe, two door with original flathead V-8
i drove this car home when i bought it and towed it from Seattle to New York State and tinkered and fiddled and sold it, never really drove it around, with this car you couldn't even go to the gas station~ so many people would gather round to talk cars~

everyone likes to watch cars catch on fire

the new title collage is from a show of mine, and real old fashioned photographs of my real old matchbox cars

NE!L ~ squeal !

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1967 ford econoline, caravan and vanagon

all week i was debating myself as to whether i could honestly buy a fourth Van
last Wednesday i asked the owner to send more pictures, the van was up in Issaquah, so i couldn't go see it

on Saturday i couldn't fight the urge any longer, called them and found out someone was coming to drive it~ he said he'd call back if it didn't sell. . . damn ! he never called and i should have driv'n right over. . . double damn. . . got away beaut

the guy on the corner who rents the coolest old gas station and pretends to sell used tires, moved this little buggy out front, i don't know why, but it's so cute

he's developed a sweet bit of compound over there~

across the street i see this crazy syncro parked once in awhile and always miss my photo op

after work i walked over and snapped a few

four wheel drive vans with jungle camo

that's a hella big sunflower mutha

they painted right over the decals

. . . artists

Friday, October 29, 2010

this one goes out to Respect the Panda

i slammed on the brakes~ slide to a stop pull hard on the e-brake and jump out~ to run to this beautiful pile of shit, rust and chairs
my neighbour who inhabits a million dollars worth of house, land and view, but fills the yard with vintage Mercury Comets and fords, Willy's and VW's, has apparently gone plum crazy and thrown some stuff out~ holy crap

front fender with gas cap ? vw ? corvair ? i almost took this piece home~ almost

rusty things at the curb~ under autumn trees and carpeted yellow, green and red makes my heart flutter and fade~ all i've ever wanted to do was drive without direction forever~

i took these two huge candle holders home~ they are so utterly brilliant
NE!L~ behind the wheel

Thursday, October 28, 2010

really sluggy buggy

i walked up to the library in the rain and this is what i saw, i thought this was a Halloween truck at first, so i crossed the street to check it~
nice paintings

don't know what this little cubic hut would have been built for, you couldn't sleep back there~ tools ?

coming back from the library this little sweetie blue VW bug, just popped out at me, so dusty blue and quite well cared for with new plates

but then i notice the canted parking job

the parked in a field black pollution streaks

the crunched up rear fender

and somebody takes playing slug bug/ punch buggy way too far and way too serious

i don't know what it is about this little car but i couldn't stop staring at it~
when we were kids we used to race these out on the frozen lake

1985 parked on my street in fascist colors~ brand new burly bumpers and sticky lettering

if the dirty label residue of John's business failings can be cleaned off this paint job would look crazy hot

i love this van, and. . . and. . . black interior. never saw that before~ or did i just imagine that ~