Sunday, February 8, 2009

newest van news.

well the van has been laid up for two months with three problems, one, a sheared off alternator mounting bolt, deep in the block and now with a sheared off easy out deep within also, second problem, the positive terminal has snapped off and only works with a vise grip crushed on to it, three is the mysterious morning marine layer stalling syndrome, very frustrating and funny. but all these illnesses will be taking care of slowly, we can't go camping at the beaches until my back heals up and i can drive for hours again, with luck, i may have to just move closer to some beach, within 30 minutes would be ideal. all and all though i can't complain my baby van has always taking care of me, from here to Vermont to Delaware and back. and all that i have ever really worked on is the fuel lines and the CV joints. change the oil and drive baby, slow, and floaty.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you and your van are still laid up,but at least you can lay on the couch and write and entertain woth your stories.really enjoying seeing your paintings and the stories behind them.also enjoyed the great write uo about you.Keep up the good work.pucci.