Thursday, April 8, 2010


heinous~ is the only word to describe the way i had to treat my van last week, after the water heater catastrophically exploded, 80 gallons or more into the basement
all the wet moldy carpeting had to be cut up and taken to the dump, groooossss !

had to drive with the windows open and the water pouring out the slider~ heinous

one of the neighbours has two homes and three empty lots around the corner and had collected comets and other such vehicles, now he just moves them around the hood, whenever the city tags them

this little willy's jeep he must really love, he parks it at home, kind of, don't think it runs

this bay window, don't get out much either, parked on his empty lot~ all the cars he keeps are pretty much shitpigs, why does he bother, they can't be restored, really, they're all too far gone

so he covers them in plastic, and shuffles them around the streets, named after trees, alder, spruce and fir

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