Tuesday, August 17, 2010

black rock city 2

Dutch and Kent gave this sweet ass sunwagon to Mee-Mee to give to me and i love it, i won't even let the kids hold it
air-cooled and orange


motor-bike up on the bumper, like a chocolate

some kids lowered this ride, with shoes, and gravity

look at the thumb wear, so many little hands holding it, since 1981~
i'm old enough to have played with it !

almost crashed the first time i saw this really roll caged van, couldn't stop that time, and thought i'd lose it, to the desert~ the burning~ and the white ghost creating dust

somebody welded a hella lotta metal onto this one, and a huge roof platform too
i love the mystery involved here, what are they going to do with this thing, parades ? rollover contest? spaceship taunting?
but i will never go to find out~

the hook is the greatest part, wish it were bigger though
going to catch some drugs and freaks and both~

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