Sunday, May 15, 2011

patriotic urban gypsy

shhh. . . i've been stalking this van around town for two or three months now and have until now failed.
one day driving to work i'd catch a secret glimpse of it parked in some alley way, on the way home with my camera, it'd be gone

shhhhh ! i say because not only is this crazy f-d up lifer parked down the street, but holy crap it's full of giant hulking zombie freaking monster drug addict kidnapping father raper gypsy fruitcakes

i couldn't get close enough to show the insides off, where it's set up like an old 80's east village apartment, divided into curtained and flagged off cubbies of horror, blood, shit, piss, drugs, and poetry

this is where Jesus, the Buddha and Mohamed would live,today, if they would only come join us~

but maybe all four of them are shacking up and like each other more than they need to save our sorry asses from ourselves

a madman needs: a boat, a tarp a bike, some whacked out strangeness strapped to the roof, a kicked out punched in front windshield laminated with plexi-scraps, a boat !!!

a Flag

a flag as a warning~ a flag as a flag, this is my territory !!! back the fuck up, chuck

nice rims,

we should go to a drive-in movie together

Shotgun !!!!

a sideways picket fence a barrier from all of societies petty prejudices, a white van hiding the ubiquitous working mans cage vs refusing to work for this failure of a system, a van as a home on the frontier among us the savages of a modern hideous indigenous horde in nice cloths and homes, in shoes, afraid of flags and living room for streets

how can i tell these monster/ supermen that i envy them, judge them, hate them, and wish i could live with so much wild crazed distance and bravery

away from all of this


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  1. That van looks to be a mobile fort. Drive to the lake and stake a claim for the summer!