Friday, September 16, 2011

Chevy shorty panel van

this van is rapidly becoming the most popular van on the internet~ at least in my opinion~ and according to my analytics~ and with good reason
so very. . . blunt. . . with a super flat windshield and wonderful robot face front end
this puppy is the only van in the world that is a daily driver~ work van~ that can pull power stands
just kidding, no wheelies ~ but D. Henry does in fact drive this hound all around the sound, from job to job plumbing and bumping the crowds
so 1960's space aged anti-aerodynamic svelte lined dreamy
nobody can tell me the exact year / so i'm hoping one of you Chevy heavies can fill me in~
a little help here~ kids~ the lens says rib something 60 ~ is this relic a 1960 van
Henry should keep an exact matching paint vintage cafe racer in the back
Warning : not original steering wheel

Keys in the ignition honesty~ out here in the west~
unfinished interior and the cutest little passenger jump seat/ original
isn't this van just perfect ? like an engagement ring from god~

Thanks Henry ~ you should start a facebook page for this automobile

NE!L~ @ your heel


  1. I think it's a '60. A nice one, too - are those hubcaps over stock rims? I'd rather see the bare, stock rims....

    Good link below, for future reference.


  2. no hubcaps ~ fancy smancy rims
    I think D. Henry would rather see stock rims
    but rolls with what the van came with
    until she gets to the yard
    rumor has it that the tail lights stayed the same for awhile and the lenses may have been changed out along with the dates
    but all hearsay
    i don't know
    good to hear from you