Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chrysler Imperial 1963

 the only automobile found guilty of murder !  the Chrysler  Imperial four-door hardtop
 Banned in all fifty states ~ in any and all regional  V-8 demolition derby's ~ OUTLAWED !
 the axle crushing front end capable of destroying GMC dreams ~ heinously fucking up Ford's future plans~ the behemoth~ the dreadnaught~
 look out ! look out !  i can see the school children scrambling as grandma can barely contain this road boat~ no ! this road freighter~ drifting across double yellows ~thru wet summer lawns
 the word imperial imprinted upon squirrels, cats, dogs, possums, racoons and pedestrian alike unsegregated mayhem death and vehicular manslaughter
 i could fall off of cliffs within your powdery blue disasters love
 now looky at that fantastic script font~ wow
 a cannon barrel pointed at all of us losers~ in flame~ dropped along the road side ruin~
 the nickel chrome majestic wing spread eagles scream~  MOPAR !!! or no car !
 look at all that trunk acreage !
Oh, and this is where i am moving~ Surprise honey ! it's a Mini Winni !


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