Sunday, February 5, 2012

ladies and gentlemen ~ the 1966 ford galaxie 500

my second car ! which i keep upstate when i was like what~ 20 years old and the car was 20 years old and red and key scratched down both sides and big x's on the hood and trunk~ 352 cid with FMX tranny~ twodoor hard top with black bucket seats man i loved this automoble
this little pony is parked down the street by the juvie jail and man is this puppy clean and purty
but for the unfortunate hood history
nice ride~
i should have left a note on the windshield~ take me back in time with you
just gotta love the squared rear end and tail light future targets
clean lines pure perfect dreamy history parked right out on the streets made to pull me away to a world i never got to live in~ really~


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