Wednesday, April 25, 2012

dodge coronet in perfect green. . . handicapped

 a coronet is supposed to be a small crown or ring of flowers. . .  this momma is neither
 more like a blade of grass slicing my throat
 parked down in rainier valley~ i took a whole lotta photos in the hope that i would get to meet the original owner~
 wearing a brown cardigan with a bushy white chops and faded finger tattoos
 pushing a shopping cart full of cupcakes and tall boy cans cartons of cigarets ~ ham sandwiches and some weird shit in his eye

 she never came out side~ she was probably watching me from behind the glass of storefronts and oxygen masks calling me names under wheezy breath
 while i waited in parking lots for visions of the late 1960's sparkle fade drift and blur~
 into the very nothingness of somebody else and their yesterdays crowned in memories~
but ! ain't that a sweet rearend !

too bad we all can't drive. . . the dream


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