Saturday, March 7, 2009

super creepy van parked in front of my house

okay this is like the Vietnam vets escape vessel, every couple of days he comes out at like ten eleven and runs it full bore, just revs the fuck out of it and pops the hood and should buy a muffler, wakes the neighbors makes the dogs bark but shit, he sleeps in a house with no water, no heat, no phone, no shitter, and a mental patient landlord roommate/lover, pack rat, tax evader, who personally drive five cars around all day inspecting all his inherited boarded up houses,

so the van is parked, is never driven, just started every couple of days, i like to think, Kelly, the veitnam vet, uses the van as a plan b, for his life, the escape capsule from crazy, some evenings late at night he'll pull up in his silver car and just sit with the radio blasted, sixties classics, he'll sit and smoke, in the car in the dark on my dark dirty street, and he'll watch his van.

i don't know.

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