Saturday, March 28, 2009

wish list for the brown pelican

this photo makes me laugh, thats our van parked in the middle there, i went for a surf, after being parked alone in the feild, and a few hours later when i came back BAMM surrounded by the whole vancouver vanagon club on their may long weekend as they call it, i guesss they wanted to be friends, and yes there was a lot of van drooling and admiration peeking.
i love this shot of the van all opened up parked in the sand bowl, the kids inside eating little james island in the back ground, stowes saab tucked behind us, so summery.

last week Hot Mike and i were discussing all the things we need to do to our vans before we head south to Santa Cruz for Toby's big day, and wow the list of things i need to do with the van incredible so if you haven't died of boredom yet here it is;
put the engine back together
get roof racks so i can sleep while Mee-Mee drives
redo all the pop-top seals, demo old buy and install new
fix or buy new canvas for pop-top
fix speaker problem, buy new stereo, with fader
check the brakes, rotate tires
need new windshield
address the ignition problems, install new terminals
cut out seat under driver, build drawer and hide-away
build new jump seat for kids
or find swivel for passenger
buy junk yard rear bumper
new radio antennae
sound proof front doors and slider for gods sake
drive off small cliff into the waves


  1. What is the function these "houses"on top of the van?

  2. tt are you joking me, the house is a tent and a bed room to breaking it in. you are funny