Thursday, September 17, 2009

Doug's ride

Doug is driving this little honey dew around Santa Cruz right now- and i am so jealous- i can see it all now, the card games- chess- checking every surf spot for twenty miles around and doing it all in perfect vintage Volkswagen
living the life - in a t-shirt no less- while here in PNW it's hoody and downy time already-

this is a just about the greatest pix ever - representing all that a life should be, kickin' at night at some secret squirrel lay up- head high fire and the van/ with the slider kicked open- noodle armed zoning- staring at the flames- the heat sinking into the bones of your face- listening to the sounds on huge fucking bombs destroy the coast

nice shot of grass- custom paint- safari- what year is this little Baywindow ? Mexico too !

modified kitchenette/wetsuit drying/ dirt road flying

the fish eye lens is the greatest invention- everything looks better bent up and around-

dawn patrol evacuations ? ditching the gang for a secret rendezvous- with coffee- pie and icy cold paddle outs

again with the life- just to show- that yes - it can be accomplished- there is something so soulfully romantic and noble in the simplest act of living in a van- just because you can- slowly sitting on coast lines, bumping into friends at lookouts- squinting eyed mornings and devastatingly long nights-
or a weekend escape-
me- i gotta go to work-
thanks Doug- great photos, and a wonderful van- can you post a comment and fill in the details of the engine/ year and such-

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  1. I bought this van in 2002 from a lady who took very good care of it. She and the previous owner only put a grand total of 38,000 miles on it by the time i took over. Since 2002 and the present I;ve put a new paint job, rebuilt the new interior and most recently installed a new/rebuilt 2000cc engine. She purrs!
    Mesa West did the engine in Costa Mesa, CA. Norm and Kevin are the guys I ask a thousand questions to, and they answered everyone. I'm picky about who I take my bus to and these guys are the real deal.
    Before Mesa West I was a loyal customer of John's Repair in Bellingham Wa, John and Kim are some of the most knowledgeable and easy going mechanics I know.
    After the new engine and paint job, I've been traveling up and down the California coast surfing and visiting all my friends. I think the next destination could be the great island of Maui....
    thanks Neil.