Sunday, January 17, 2010

sundays in the park with vanagons

this car company might be out of business by next week

very sad, they made such tiny little gems

i like old station wagons that claim to sit seven

if this thing could have a six cylinder why does the vanagon have nothing

for sale and freshly painted in a mental hospital

nice clean ambassador~ what did we all used to always say~ scream it kids~ to bad it's a four door !

saw this guy chain smoking and replacing the head gasket of a 56 Chevy, four door, just like in the film two lane black top, he'd never seen the film

too Chevy for me ~but nice ~love the head room

a few rust spots and a daily driver

i saw ten or more vanagons in less than two hours in one neighbourhood, all parked and one Samba drove passed me and a few i didn't snap pictures of, there being about five white westies here, this thing has been lowered or beat down

lots of bra wearing vans, not my thing really

expensive for a shit pig too

a great green paint, which couldn't be original, wild

and another bra

awning and rims, bike rack and 91, very clean and lovely in blue

this is my favorite ride of the day, a war horse, road warrior, rallying the logging roads of Seattle
but why five roof racks ? why ?
torn out grills, cracked glass, old matching rocket box

ubiquitous in white, the westies look like stormtroopers, and i hate original 80's plastic wheel covers

bet you didn't know Volkswagen made a space ship ? crash landing on Oz

white~ white ~ i prefer to back-in park

see honey, ford makes a cool camper van too, if your camping with alcoholic hunters, looking for snatch, scary scary snatch

fucking bras, and fat rims. parking under trees is always a bad plan
that's my hike, and all the vanagons, crazy right ?


  1. Cool campers. That Saab is interesting, are you sure it had a 6? I thought they had the three cylinder 2 stroke. Anyway, keep up the strange work, always enjoy the pic's and commentary.

  2. i stand corrected if you double click pix 2 it has a 4 v emblem, oopsie

    i thought i remembered a 6

    now i am an idiot thanks

    number one fan

  3. Love the Ambassador. Looks like a '69. Four doors make these affordable. Also family-friendly. More of these boats need to be on North America's roadways. hynes

  4. yeah, washington state still boasts quite a few of these boats, but saddly the new seattle economy of computers and high tech workers have pushed the poor and their wonderful auto's out to the sticks or on to the buses~ hello Hynes
    any oldies up in the north ?

  5. Up north - many farms, many oldies, particularly old pickups. 50's & 60's rides in all shapes and sizes, many in pristine condition. Nothing like a barn-find. I'll forward a few. Never under-estimate the power of the sticks, by the way. Let the techies and suburbanites have their Babylons. Keeps them away from the sticks.

  6. tell me about it i've been dreaming of moving to the country again for years, and jake grads from HS this summer, and we can leave, if the econo lets us sell the house. . . then free

  7. I can tell you have a yearning for the country. Must be residue from our youth spent in Monroe, hey?! Always liked the backwoods of the O.C. Simply didn't appreciate it enough, as part of my teenage rebellion against suburbia! I appreciate it now, though. Very much so...

    We are close to a move. Don't wait on the economy, unless you have to. I see no improvements, no "green shoots", anytime soon. Would yuo stay in the Pacific NW? Wyoming is cheap... Ditto Montana....

    I hope you get to move on to greener pastures... It is great for the kids - not to mention the parents. Who knows - you may find a dandy old Dodge in a dilapidated old barn right on your own land! ;)

    As it should be...