Saturday, January 30, 2010

my parts van

this is my new parts van i love the color and how straight it all is~
hate the old vanagon plastic wheel covers, but love the stripe

rope holding engine in place

nice ass~ baby blue

yes, i have two vehicles in my drive way that don't run~

lovely black dash, with a tachometer, and cruise control, blueie

perfect headliner and seats and carpets

roped up engine, who stole the tranny~ bitches

engine block blown out~


  1. waaaay too purty to part out, my friend. what you need is a parts van for your parts van, then all will be well in the universe and you will get your certification.

  2. I am suprised to see the engine was "holed". It had to be making some godawful racket prior to launching that piece! You'd think the driver would have heard it, my oh my. Anyway, it is still straight and shiny, so pretty. How much are trannies now a day? Should I be looking around here in the rusty northeast? Nice find.