Sunday, February 28, 2010

wetpancake 2

i am not the only one who is mad~ Mike sent me these photos from today's drop the engine day
and i am also glad to see he tried out the skateboard idea~too~
just look how high you have to lift a Carat~to drop the engine out~ thx Mike~carry on with madness~yeah~ great job Mike !

Dashiell and i worked on the engine explosion together, i got the exhaust apart with a combination of wrench, Knokrloose, and sawzall~

that's a puddle not a filthy oil/coolant two part disaster

i still can't believe it can be done, removing the heads in place without pulling the cylinders with them~

i love this burnt brown/red/black color~ the color of oil burnt in rich explosive atmosphere

i taught Dashiell how to use the breaker bar/ cheater to bust the head cap nuts, he did a great job and didn't rip his knuckles up. . .yet

this bad tube was right at the broken rod location/ clue ?

broken rod stuck in cylinder ~ these jugs are about twice as big as the ones in my old `51 ford

look into my ayss~

both heads removed, water pump stored all case bolts removed, now if it's sunny this week, maybe the kids and i will bust open the case~ help ! is there anything i can use inside the guts ?

now it's so tiny i can't really believe this little thing can push a great big box around. . . oh, yeah, right, it can't

i know summer is coming ~ so i set up this out door work area~ dismantle table, and photo backdrop

See you next week


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  1. Noyhing inside that case you couldn't find used and running!
    I seem to remember you have to seperate the piston from the rod to get the jugs off, not easy.
    Good to see the young'n get'n greezy, ain't it fun?