Saturday, February 6, 2010

now i need two

i salvaged the front bumper from my $230.00 parts van ~look at all the road pocks, maybe they towed this thing behind a truck
and removed the rear bumper while i was at it~

this is my front end after i crashed into the Iowa beef truck, and the reason i bought my mint parts van

surprisingly the bumper was crushed but not behind the chrome

new bumper on old crumple face

started pulling parts off the engine, surprise~ the blown out hole is huge

look at the size of that gaping wound, a head shot~

a piece of the carapace, or the skull~shattered

look into the hole~

looks like the connecting rod shattered and rolled around and around the cam until it punched it's way out the roof, so aggro

i stuck my fingers in and pulled out this little greasy plum~somebody used the crankcase as a parts tumbler

looks like a heart, a giant black carbonized muscle

i just had to see it~the hole~ before i drop this mutha out~ bring it into the living room and teach the kids to take things apart~things that smell and are full of oil, gasoline and coolant~ we better buy some shop rags, band aids, and hand cleaner. . .engines, trannys, and fuel line

what the new town home neighbours will have to see ever time they pee~or brush their hair

a bunch of broke down vans and parts of vans and kids screaming dogs barking, and me cursing these giant hands, when i try to pull these cursed machines apart
El Mutante opinioned that this new blue van is too clean to use as a parts van, and now i think, i have to agree but this then leads to more, deeper craziness and the idea that now i need two more parts vans, one for my driver, and the other for my parts van, a nice engine, tranny donor, and i. . . am. . . mad
thanks for viewing~and watching me slide~
is four too many?

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  1. I just like blue over brown! I say take more parts, and sell the shell to someone that really needs it. Yes it is crazy to fix up both. Enjoy the parting out, then unload, grasshopper.
    ps after you get rid of the blue one, you will need some small inexpensive thing (that is no longer available) and you will curse.