Sunday, September 19, 2010


i have posted this patina before~ i just know it. but the thing about a car and the human mind is, that if you move it, say parked a few blocks over, it becomes a new car
how you approach a car is like some animal seduction, you spot it across the street, or from down the block, and slowly hold your breath and creep

the sun shining yesterday made the whole world glitter and glow with a special pure light of wonderful and autumn's taste made me realise how much of my life has been wasted on visuals and forgotten events

while out~ way out in Galaxie 500 lives have been shaped, formed spun and hurled down avenues and cobblestone parkways~ where the 80's haven't happened

plastic windows of pride, a medal of honour to show how old you really are, there are no parts cars for you my love only patches

tires as old as i am, framed in patina~ rust and stainless trim

check out the ass, double take the plate~ and instantly forget
a whole life in the gutter~

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  1. I owned one of these with the 289 and white guts. I still miss it. On the color subject, I think my 64 is gonna be named "Van-Nilla". Whaddya think?