Saturday, October 9, 2010

1969 Dodge A100 family wagon 318 V8

i have seen this van for sale two or three times in the last three years, i keep calling about it, and no one ever returns my calls, so i figure they don't really want to sell it~ the last time i posted it on this here little site, the asking price was a wee high~ this time~ who knows how much their asking~ you try calling~ missing wheel covers and painty fade
wrinkle free, can't see any rust, full kitchen with head room and sky lights

they did their homework~

you can call~ i'm done with them~ and i might have a few too many family vans, eh ?

there's something so soothing and old fashioned about a split window

can you see the dashboard mounted slapstick shifter behind the rain and heavy breathing~
MOPAR magic really only happened in the sixties

i like the idea of 318 cubic inch engines sitting in your living room, rumbling with fireplace warmth and glow, kick your feet up and stare at stars through the roof glass or watch the snow fall from culvert ditch sideways slides

i'd like to hire a maid to live within fiberglass hi-tops, to clean and cook and iron my boxers, a small women blessed with efficiency, with hair grey, in pearl white and sea foam blue uniform swaying into hair-pin turns as i scream, hold on, and spin wheels while she, frowns and makes me huckleberry pancakes and bacon
deep from in logging roads toward futures unmilaged


  1. No rust. Good engine. Decent fuel economy. These were excellent vans. Brilliant post. hynes

  2. crazy.. i just bought this van

  3. i am very happy for you
    that is a hellava van
    do enjoy the romance of the open road
    please send us some updated pix
    or drive passed and lay on the horn

  4. heres an update on the van

  5. hey i finally fished my road trip and put a few more pics on this blog, check it out