Monday, November 22, 2010

my affliction is stupid german vans with tiny engines

towed the rusty stormtrooper out of the way
so the town home owners can see my side of crazy x 3

if you don't know me~ let me tell you my darkest secret, i bought a parts van for my parts van and now~

the future as seen from the plastic wheel covers of 1985~

after i kicked my own ass around the block and back, for not buying that little tan shorty, i crawled under my '85 and finished putting all those stupid bolts back into the CV joints and stopped the van from exploding every ten minutes with fuel fire flash and topped it off with coolant and called Mike to bitch about vanagons and here's what it sounds like~


  1. I used to love vanagons sooo much. "Used to" until my second blown head gasket, I'm now broken of the habit. I feel your pain Neil

  2. Christ I miss my vanagon I live on the Kitsap Penn I sold mine to a guy who lives in Seattle....sure hope he fixed the parking brake. Not a day goes by where I don't miss the vaaaaan.