Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1967 ford econoline, caravan and vanagon

all week i was debating myself as to whether i could honestly buy a fourth Van
last Wednesday i asked the owner to send more pictures, the van was up in Issaquah, so i couldn't go see it

on Saturday i couldn't fight the urge any longer, called them and found out someone was coming to drive it~ he said he'd call back if it didn't sell. . . damn ! he never called and i should have driv'n right over. . . double damn. . . got away beaut

the guy on the corner who rents the coolest old gas station and pretends to sell used tires, moved this little buggy out front, i don't know why, but it's so cute

he's developed a sweet bit of compound over there~

across the street i see this crazy syncro parked once in awhile and always miss my photo op

after work i walked over and snapped a few

four wheel drive vans with jungle camo

that's a hella big sunflower mutha

they painted right over the decals

. . . artists

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  1. i wanna live in that tiny trailer, with a butch chihuahua, drinking mimi bottles of beer and yelling at passersby in a falsetto.