Saturday, March 12, 2011

ford club wagon in Ma Bell green

stumbled upon the slimiest car in the world
actual lichen

dripping with the very essence of Pacific North West

if this charming little short club wagon was any cuter or a panel / i think i would have jimmied a door open and crawled in ~ to sleep in the back and make my home

something so simply delightful about vintage automobile script~

lets get it out of the way, the way vanagon guys always start a conversation with~ change your fuel lines ~i say ~ too bad it's a fourdoor

1963 and a half ford galaxie 5oo ~ i think
years and years ago i went up to the country / way upstate NY to look at a twodoor black, one of these behemoths parked on some farmers front lawn for miles, a hard top perfect beater, with a straight body and running V-8 / extra parts on the floor and me and the farmer are standing around talking and talking FoMoCo first on race day ~ when out of the trees a mile away a big fat ground hog comes running towards the two of us and we both kinda stop talking and stare at this little animal
"that's odd" the farmer says and "shit !"
the ground hog is now right on top of us snarling and quite mad but without frothing foam~
with that the farmer jumps on the hood and i jump beside him the the damn crazed ground hog proceeds to run laps around this black ford galaxie~ with its engine running~ rumbling
and this farmer and I stand on the hood just watching and waiting

but the damn ground hog just keeps running in circles with an eye watching us and panting ~ running
when i was a kid and lived in the country and dreamed cars and racing~ NE!L~