Saturday, March 26, 2011

the toy splitty vs. the real thing on the streets

found this Buddy L at some thrift shop, it's steel and plastic and so clean
and chartreuse green
3,200 window with giant sun roof / love barn door vans
no plates or company logo
but i just love the heckle out of it ~ the rear seats really fold down to make a huge bed /lay out area~
and then you run into the real thing on the street and smile
i love these little poptops, just enough room to stand and stretch~ not too sure where i stand on the modern roof racks though, i'd ditch em~
what a clean white interior
very straight and very clean parked out in the streets downtown, a long haul from home, Oregon


1 comment:

  1. Both are beautiful! Both worth some moolah, also. Nice finds. el-mutante