Sunday, August 7, 2011

Muscle car model yardsale

this is the box of vintage muscle car models, warplanes and battleships, i found this weekend at the greatest yard sale ever !
this is a pill bottle full of rims, hubcaps and wheel covers
look at this booty~ when i saw the models i swear my heart stopped beating
sick woodie / partially built painted red
i want the custom street rod
1968 Mustang / funny car version / model / 427 GT

427 racing engine
i love and fondly remember trying to decide which version to glue up
slicks ~ what a great word

partially built ? painted red fastback
just as i opened them
3 building versions
429 semi-hemi

stock / i always loved my cars stock
which is why i was/ and am a matchbox man, not a hotwheels tool
just opened like Christmas 1970
chrome oil pan
1966 Ford Mustang GT fastback ~ Tasca Ford 37
1/25 scale ? i thought mine were all 1/24 ?
custumized by Alexander Bros.
a jumbled mess of misc. parts and no body~ damn
the box art is almost transcendental look at this thing ~ black and gold Hurst Hairy Olds
i frantically tried calling my Demolition derby mechanic Kent, i couldn't believe this haul

that's right twin engined
wrong colors and none of these models were ever finished / sat in box for 45 years / jesus
tiny engines blow my mind / super charge my soul and wait for tiny hands to stick to plastic dreams

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  1. Not only is that one cool car-crazy find, but further proof that great yard sale finds can occur later in the day, when it is presumed anything good is gone. Bravo!
    ps I just love the color combo on the Hurst Olds. Awesome!