Friday, August 19, 2011

VW panel van

i really, really love a panel van
this one is pretty clean
even if i'm not a fan of the front tire mount all these BayWindow peeps pull off
this van is a treasure~ yes ~ now i want a panel van too~
this old guy's wife kicked him out, cause of his drinkin' so he built himself an extended van to live in

super-creeper car slubbing
setting up camp on the golf course ~ it looks like

seems like a whole lotta work to ruin a van
here he is backing it up and over his ex-wife
the 1970's were crazy with the Wankel engine ~
but in a motorcycle~ what the hell ~
floor plan for old nuts

a camper on an El Camino~ buy a truck guys~ come on
Here's one skinny guy


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