Monday, April 6, 2009

my 1963 ford ranchero

my little red ford ranchero, man i loved the crap out of that car/truck, the girl on the couch is Janet, that's the way we drove around back in the 90's in seattle, parked behind the wildrose, i lived at the winston, the guys upstairs called me buttercup, Tim and i drove every together and listened to Minutemen, and firehose, i wish i still had that truck, but it wasn't very practical. jake was just born, and a car seat couldn't fit, in the tiny front bench seat.

this photo is with Alison, the ranchero came with a little 200 straight six engine, on sundays i would load up my big drawing pad and drive to the uw and draw for hours and not talk to anyone, Alison lived upstairs, the first day i ever met her i had just moved in was painting the apartment blue, had taken off my shirt, and painted my chest and face the same, she came to the back deck for a smoke and said, hi.

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