Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a galaxie 500

a jewel like patina so multilayered that the original color is all impossible to imagine, this monster is like a painting, of absence, of dull summer afternoons, of city scape camouflage wonder, color schematic negativity

a 1965 Galaxie 500- four door hard top, so very flat and low, look at the plates covered with burlap sacks, why ? the guy down the street has a bunch of cars all like this in need of restoration or a flatbed, all original and straight though
my second car was just like this only a 66 and perfect, look at this wonderful hood, surface rusted smashed out passenger window, lovely
i don't think this guy has a job but for walking around his cars and driving them around the block, he does a lot of parking, you should see his house

parked on the street, yo, 1963 1/2, was a great year for the Galaxie 500, a transition away form the huge 50's bombers, these things looked great at Daytona and Taladaga, with race hoods and 427 ci engines that's 7 liters, can you imagine that, my van is a 1.9

i loved this car when i was 25- this was my graffiti name, and later a great proto-emo band

there's just something magical about the name Galaxie 500, it's almost as if it really is a place- just out there behind the stars somewhere- where everything is perfect and fast and comfortable- could this car ever take us there, from back seat dreams, chrome knob,puffed headliner, am radio, black carpeted drive line humps hot, whispered wonderment ?
within this car we can hold hands and crash into bugs across country roads, corn stalk, apple tree, slinky lake and drive-in theatres night-

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