Sunday, July 26, 2009

roof racks like a bad hat

after months of having these $ 30.00 roof racks and about a month of measuring and staring and worrying- i installed my roof racks-big deal right- now i can put the boards up on top and make Mee-Mee drive me around while i sleep and read-
but the roof racks make me feel like i'm wearing a really silly looking hat-
and now i can't roll all lowpro- unless i'm solo-
oh the hard life of a belly gazer
note the 1/4 pipe pieces out on the street for free- i have giving up on skating- too old-too injured-
have taken up slack line walking

p.s. the roof racks with boards should come in under 7'6" so we won't have to get any extra charges on the ferry

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