Tuesday, July 21, 2009

santa cruz

this one is for Kent (el mutante) a very nice mustang-parked on the street, and dusty

did you know that i hate spoilers ? did you even care ?

i hope mom drives this around after having the kids paint all these big circle painting all over it

cool art kids-

my ride out side Toby's house, this is my long haul driver, a.c. cruise control, and quiet, none of which my van can offer

Kanoa's sweet borrowed rig, with amazing hunting top, wood grain paneling, stuffed full of boards and bags

it was dusk so the flash makes it look so much cleaner, this thing is so North West low pro

they stuffed D- into the back and drove away with him

this thing lives down the street- and a really cool running-ancient truck 1920's ?

parked in the circle church parking lot, i think the alter boys live in there- at night candles burn in the windows

nice westy- but i suspect the pop-top color is way too hot for California

everyone spends a lot of money on these rides- i guess i would too, if i had any

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