Wednesday, August 5, 2009

crashed vanagon

yes, i crashed the front end of my van into the rear end of a truck

isn't that some nice body work i did

damn, now i need a brown parts van, anyone ?

sweet summer convertible- Ford- i love those peek-a-boo fold away headlight

so very nice and clean and-again- on the street

what is this ride a '69 Galaxie ? Fairlane ? LTD ?

super cutie single cab vw syncro love this thing

so useless as a van and a very silly truck

do you really need all wheel drive ?

but who really cares when it's so straight and polished and wonderfully blue bird

the demolition derby dreaded beast

Chrysler Newport's, imperials and 300's just eat the competition at the big V-8 demolition derby's

being a convertible this horror has been spared the carnage

on the east coast these cars are illegal and forbidden to race- they've killed people- ripped cars in half and have torn through the bleachers to run mad along the county fair arcade-

nobody was hurt in my newest accident and we all drove away and you know my belief-
that you must have many small harmless crashes or you tempt the fates into giving you huge wrecks, and the kids were away too, lucky


  1. oh man no way, that sucks

  2. The blue Ford convertible is an LTD. The Galaxie did not have hideaway headlights. It's a '69 or '70, and I'd drive it!

  3. thanx my mutated friend- keep rolling

  4. but, in what way are you mutated ?