Monday, August 31, 2009

Datsun 1600

when i first moved to Seattle- i got a job house painting with Gino Holmes, who in a full body cast, lived in a Datsun 1500 station wagon- i don't know how- he was a huge farm boy from Kansas- six and half feet tall, 250 lbs easy- he lived behind this bar on Queen Anne hill- drank, smoked and played the pony's
did i mention the fact that he some how lived in a Datsun 1500 station wagon- this is the tiny truck version on Gino's house-
this rig is fairly well preserved-
there used to be a joke that ended with the line
you want it -datsoon- a car joke, more than likely goofing on Japanese auto's, i don't know of any car jokes do you ?
wait, i think there's a shit load of Volkswagen jokes floating around-

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