Saturday, August 8, 2009

GTX original !

i've walked passed this house a million times- and i would have sworn that there wasn't a garbage bag covered Mopar here- but today while hiking all over Leashii searching for this mystical multi-family block long yard sale i spotted this freaking un-molested untouched- original stock muscle car-
bricks and plastic stuffed into the intake- Hemi ? what is this thirty grand ?

all straight- little clustered islands of rust- but man original paint !

two door hard top front buckets !
and loook fat street racing slick mags- oldies with air still

look at the old Goodyear's and smoothie- shit i want this car-
i had a '72 satellite just like this- but this beaast is the GTX Holy crap

i left my name and number on the front door- i knocked and rang the bell two really old people live here, nobody answered the door- in my imagination their son parked his race car here, robbed a bank, killed a man and has been sitting in jail since '79- now his folks should sell it to me for like- i don't know a buck fifty

the hood is on four quick pins the color is teal blue green lovely- i want it

i'll grow a mullet and a stash listen to Zep and put my arm around you baby slap in the 8-track and push you against seats with crazy accelerations punch, spill your road coke all over your face and down your tube top. . .


  1. Neil, Wow, what a find. Thats how we used to find cars 25 years ago. Very cool car. Those tires were no longer made in the late 70's (they changed the molds to make the white lettering larger and hollow), so that car has been sitting a long time. Also, the Cragar SS wheels (aluminum center with steel rim are super old and super wide. Very retro. what is it a '68, or a '69? Very cool. Looks like a lot of money, more if it is a 440 or 426 hemi. Nice 4 pin race hood, too. Nice job.

  2. Neil,My first attempt at post, will see how it goes as anon. Back here in the old country (upstate NY), those cars were showing up with structural cancer in the late 70's early 80's, even on cars with low miles (under 75k). This kind of find makes me regret not being rich, so that I could fly out, pick out cars, have them shipped back, and build a cool solid collection of cars. Keep up the good work. el-mutanteps Have you walked every street of Seattle?

  3. Wow, it worked! Now I want to create a webname, look out world! el-mutante

  4. i would say that el mutante is pretty good, go with it just follow the instructions at the top of this page and sign up for your own free blog- so easy
    go for it you big ape

  5. And many more people would really do great wonders and miracles just to get this car fully restored. Man, that's a piece of rich history of a car right there. Now, if you could bring this car back to life that would be awesome!