Friday, October 29, 2010

this one goes out to Respect the Panda

i slammed on the brakes~ slide to a stop pull hard on the e-brake and jump out~ to run to this beautiful pile of shit, rust and chairs
my neighbour who inhabits a million dollars worth of house, land and view, but fills the yard with vintage Mercury Comets and fords, Willy's and VW's, has apparently gone plum crazy and thrown some stuff out~ holy crap

front fender with gas cap ? vw ? corvair ? i almost took this piece home~ almost

rusty things at the curb~ under autumn trees and carpeted yellow, green and red makes my heart flutter and fade~ all i've ever wanted to do was drive without direction forever~

i took these two huge candle holders home~ they are so utterly brilliant
NE!L~ behind the wheel

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