Friday, April 24, 2009


alright this is my final offer, on a van, this is the van i want, if only i had 4k- a lot of time and any kind of mechanical know how, for gods sake, i just today put my van back together, damn that was a pain in the ass, but this van is so straight and perfect, almost complete, unfortunately its red and i have owned two red vehicles already, i'd have to paint it, but it's so cute and i love the subhatch, what a great feature, any one want to buy it, here's the info, help yourselves.

1963 Volkswagen Sub Hatch Westfalia Split Window Bus - $4000 (Tacoma)
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Selling this project to someone that will give this one a good home. The motor has never received any mileage since it was new years ago. It gets started regularly and run up to temperature. This splitty has been stored inside for 14 years. I can send pictures if necessary however I feel serious inquires will want to see this one in person to really have a good look. This one is very straight and an easy one to finish with some body work needed in the usual rust spots. Again you have to see it. The only tough part is I don't have all the original Westie interior. This is a minor detail depending on your goal with this project. keywords: VW, volkswagen, bus, westfalia, split, kombi, van, westy, air cooled. 253-306-4296 **The full length rack has been traded for a half rack so that the sub hatch can be used.
Location: Tacoma

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