Friday, April 17, 2009

a van crashed into my chest and broke my heart

three quarter view of the wonderful van Deb Henry has recently purchased to add to her vintage automobile collection, very distinguished, love this van, mags on the rear skinny bicycle drags on the front, so bad ass, so seventies, pony kegs and bongs all around, i wonder if Debs going to carpet the ceiling i forgot to ask, when she drove me around, the first person to be so driven, on these cute little jump seat ass busters, fold away and duct taped.
really fun steering wheel, bare bones interior all steel, nothing soft here, to absorb impacts, impact's for wimps. the engine sits under your right arm/coffee warmer hot plate.

front view, looking tough, low grill face like expression, my street looking sunny and warm almost, the fly window hardware, is amazing like little butterfly wings, only Detroit butterflies.

the van, as she purrs and waits to power stand across the city, with classic rock and road cokes, plus it gets even better. . . three on the tree, in your face five speed sissies.

the proud owner asking me to kindly shut the hell up and drive, and i promise Henry as soon as i recover, i will spend a weekend chauffeuring you around town, while you, me and who ever else wants to run away, re-enact Springsteen's born to run LP, live.
with out all the gross jersey guys.


  1. omg!! my husband had a vw camper van when we started dating...don't ask. how i would die to have one again. but, one with a teal blue paint job, white leather interior, and heat. well, a girl has her dreams!

  2. i love my vanagon, heat, no leather, brown sorry no divorce