Thursday, October 28, 2010

really sluggy buggy

i walked up to the library in the rain and this is what i saw, i thought this was a Halloween truck at first, so i crossed the street to check it~
nice paintings

don't know what this little cubic hut would have been built for, you couldn't sleep back there~ tools ?

coming back from the library this little sweetie blue VW bug, just popped out at me, so dusty blue and quite well cared for with new plates

but then i notice the canted parking job

the parked in a field black pollution streaks

the crunched up rear fender

and somebody takes playing slug bug/ punch buggy way too far and way too serious

i don't know what it is about this little car but i couldn't stop staring at it~
when we were kids we used to race these out on the frozen lake

1985 parked on my street in fascist colors~ brand new burly bumpers and sticky lettering

if the dirty label residue of John's business failings can be cleaned off this paint job would look crazy hot

i love this van, and. . . and. . . black interior. never saw that before~ or did i just imagine that ~

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