Sunday, October 24, 2010

green truck/ green single cab VW splitty

this old boy lives behind my breakfast place, Kona Kitchen, the old guy who owns this cutie is quite the craftsmen, his house is really fine, old and hidden behind old roses
but the camper he built for the old pick-up is just perfect, flawless even ~ look at that little peek-a-boo roundie above the cab~ just great~ right ?

like a port- hole

the truck is in great shape too, not my style really but love the oxidized green, on black bumpers and trim

ingenious use of steel corrugated roofing~ so good in fact that if i ever own a truck again, i'm building one just like this~ so i too, can sit out on the beach with the sounds of rain clatter

then i saw this little puppy parked and had to come around the block only to find it's lines ruined with huge thing wrapped in brown tarp in the back

love the single cab VW trucks, a completely useless van, but such a funny great looking splitty

ruined silhouette

too bad about the crappy chrome name plate repro

cute little rear end~ green cars rule !

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  1. Both of these representing my favorite car colour. Fabulous finds. hynes