Friday, May 15, 2009

ford vs dodge

you all know that i've started walking again, getting stronger,and ready for physical therapy- and so, what the hell my neighbourhood is thick with super creeper van livers, i just noticed while on my morning walks and i've started taking photos with my phone,
don't be misled by the pretty setting, flowers and trees and sun, that ford is creepy, and kind of badass-
the Seattle University Ram van on the other hand is over the top with a back deck and hibachi, and bike, they used to have a motorbike, but it's gone, maybe they went for a beer run. or to class. they have a very nice church over there and a telescope observatory- not in the van silly, at the university.
PS i took my van for test drives everyday this week and stalled every time, but made it home.
so annoying, phantom non-life threatening power loss to stall. still working on this, and will update.

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