Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Iowa must be scary

alright so this van showed up, parked on the block near the guy who collects old crappy cars and parks them on the street, so he can move them once a month, when the neighbors call the cops, this van is from Iowa, which is really far away, and sounds idyllic, in poetry, but not in vans.

this piece of shit is rattle can shiny black with some sick botched attempt at A-team meets Starsky custom paint stripe, even down to the rims. i looked close too, it has completely bald front tires no bumpers, a visor and a really great spoiler, so classic.

black and red is such a fantastic color combo, i might paint my house like this, but where am i going to find a giant spoiler for the roof ?


everyone say-

* i found a similar spoiler on spoilers to go for about $200.00

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