Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my walk today

these guys have been rolling around for years in my hood, but you know i've never seen anyone go in or out, ghosts ? i love the battleship grey paint and the fact that they harvest rainwater off the roof gutters, maybe they have an aquarium inside, now that would be pimp.
this one's for toby, because he drove one very similar to this, i think a teacher drives this little hussy+4wd and cute little red decal- very nice van

this is where i want to wake up, on an incline wrapped in pure 1975 mini-winnie- all brown, avocado and burnt orange- down some quasi-industrial stretch of my part of town

parked a respectfully not gay distance away from the puckered rear end of some short bus, pictured above.

i just liked this little bay window, with really exaggerated bubble top, very clean and cared for, no neo- hippy dirtbags here.

sorry, but i don't believe there is even such a thing as the central area chamber of commerce- do you ? but, if so, why is their red van such a piece of shit ? no offense

this van i featured a few weeks ago, from craigs list and then bammm it's parked two blocks from my house and it is so cool, a little kitchen, a little table- adorable and yes, original mopar wheel covers.
these two vans parked bumper to bumper remind me of some fucked up van version of our flag.
all photo's taken today, on one walk- that's how many creeper, van livers, i could find, besides the old guy, handicapped asleep, in the smushed back, front seat, and behind him some lady staring me down as she performed some nefarious acts in a blacked out chevy, i didn't take pictures of that. i don't really like taking pictures of people.

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