Thursday, May 14, 2009


a few years ago my BABA gave this book to me for X-mas and i have loved it every day since, if you can find it at some thrift store or yard sale, consider it a major score, don't let the cover fool you, this book covers all the bases, on how to live the nomadic life, granted it's a skewed view from the sixties, before the man cracked down on families living in the woods and crapping in lakes and driving vans deep into the forest to kill things with rifles and plaid.
i love the whole book beginning to end and will work to reproduce the whole thing here, enjoy.
there are some serious trippy photo's in here, of mom making breakfast in a truck, wearing a dress, stocking, heals and white cardigan, compared to these oldsters- we are wild beasts, cave men.
Mikey Rourke staring in The Wrestler drives a van, where he sleeps sometimes, which reminded me to post today, watched the film yesterday and cried, like eight times, that's my life minus the wrestling part and all, very sweet and touching, fucking loved the film, great just great watch it now, great monster movie about real life, so good.
Marisa Tomey- by the way is nude through-out, she plays an aging stripper, and i love her too, great actress, didn't everyone want their stripper to fall in love with them ?
i know i did.
what ? you didn't have a favorite stripper ?
so sad
so real.

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