Thursday, May 28, 2009

lake washington

i walk by these caged cars all the time and today i took some pix, i know their not vans- so don't get all huffy and write me hate mail and tell me how i've sold out.

you can tell from the photo that someone obviously backed this beast in, they even left the wipers at full on 12 o'clock, then they put up the fence threw the keys into the toilet and never drove again.

maybe they started walking, like i have, this one got all munched recently, even with the anti-bad kid fence, it looks like a sinking ship, going down. man, this is a great driveway story- i can see it all, the fear- the fence salesman, the old people getting older some blind guy trying to drive it out of the driveway with four flats and a flat bottle

on the other hand this poor guy was just looking for kids, but they're all at school, fool, and your parked all wrong, but i must have a thing for bomb pop art, really eye catching, i came running, but not for ice cream-

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