Wednesday, June 10, 2009

almost the exact splitty, how can it be ?

this guy is apparently fording rivers and running cataracts, all in Madison valley, so rich and so adventurous maybe chasing down gazelles, and wearing jodhpurs, reading Hemingway

this rig is parked down the street from me, not an outstanding car, but man, just untouched, and original, right down to the paint wheel covers and so complete- remember how we'd walk around and say, too bad it's a fourdoor- classic

really clean pure lines on this little one, i like the grill and the headlights, lovely, something a mom could drive, hopped up on vicadin, and smoking, virgina slims crying behind sunglasses, reaching her right arm back to wave it around smacking any kid too slow to duck

this, very similar splitty to yesterday's splitty, is a bit rougher, a tad rustier, and not running, i don't think, no oil cooler, still gorgeous though, still want one, that's me, mr. reality

parked down by bikini beach, where i've found some cool hidden micro-beaches

you can eyeball the rust from this angle, i think i like the badge better than the spare tire mount minus spare tire, someone stole both ? i guess
the one great thing about the North West is the amount of old cars, i spotted all these, yesterday, on a two hour hike, there used to be many more oldies, before everyone here in town got real jobs and found cash, and thought they needed a new car like underwear.

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